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Thread: Is there any need to install a CIOS with Wiikey ?

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    Is there any need to install a CIOS with Wiikey ?


    I replied to a forum post below

    and that got me thinking and wanted to ask for advice please.
    i have searched but it seems that all the posts i have found either go for a hard mod or a softmod or do both completely but as mine is working with everything so far i didnt want to do the complete softmod.

    As stated in my reply i Have a Wiikey 1 with 1.9s and i'm on 3.4E

    So far i have ran into no problems at all with any games (and i try loads)
    the only one has been NSMB but that was fixed with Geck codes and a rawdump of the game.

    I have HBC installed along with Gecko and others but i did think about softmodding as well but as i have had no issues i didnt see the point.

    But while trying to get NSMB to run at first i tried Neogamma and that kept pointing out that i needed a CIOS installed

    so my question would be is there any benefit for the future by installing a hacked CIOS and would that have helped to run NSMB before the gecko codes were released

    If so which should i install or are there more things i should do to combat the new protection methods


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    from my experience, i think its better.

    i run all my games now back on the disc channel, pal or ntsc, even band hero and nsmb.

    from what i understand, your wiikey is useless for the newer games. if you put cios and doping ios 38, 53, and 55 and also installing priiloader, you can run games back on disc channel

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    Thanks for the advice i'll give it a go

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    having wiikey is like having cioscorp and having the backups run at 6x speed (the same as original).

    just make sure that you trucha sign your ios's after you finish the softmod guide. don't bother with cioscorp anymore since you have the a modchip already.


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