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Thread: brd think i done everything now

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    brd think i done everything now

    got usb loader backups playing in proper disc channel priloader themes all isos changed wiihome holmebrew . ANYONE ANY OTHER IDEAS OFF STUFF GIVE ME A SHOUT

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    have you tackled the triiforce app to run wiiware/vc....

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    i done it now sorry anymore ideas

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    make it run ps3 games

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    i wish i could do that

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    You could take to modifying other peoples wii's... and for challenge try to do it without them noticing...

    Take to modding other things?

    Play lots of backedup games?

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    you can translate the title of this thread to something understandable.

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    Try Sneak.... its a wii systems emulation but look it up its well worth ago
    Wii system on 4.2e, Darkwii Red Theme, Boot2, Preloader, Pimp My Wii, Wiiflow, Gamecube Loader 0.2 & Triiforce

    Hope ive helped, in return please help me & push that "THANKS" button


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