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Thread: Sahduk has joined the brawl :)

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    Sahduk has joined the brawl :)

    Whops I mean tehe.

    Yea Im actually very new to this whole roms business and modding quick question! I added wiibrew on my wii does that mean I modded it O_O?

    Well I am a noob so I dont know a whole lot yet but gimme time and I will learn.


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    do you mean homebrew? if so then you haven't modded your wii! But with the homebrew channel you can install .wad files! .wad files are the files that you pay for games like lost wind on the shopping channel but if you install wad manager on the homebrew channel you can install these!!!! This link will help you out! Anyway welcome to the community!
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    Welcome to a great community.

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    Thanks for that bit of info bumper44


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