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Thread: Files needed on SD after Messies 4.2 softmod?????

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    Files needed on SD after Messies 4.2 softmod?????

    Ok just finished Messies Softmod - clear through priiloader for 4.2 - everything seems to work great!

    What files (apps - Wads) must I keep on the SD card????
    I want to remove any app or mod that can do damage if my wife runs it!

    I have hacks.ini in root - no problem

    in apps I have:
    priiloader - (does this have to stay on SD card or is it loaded in memory??)
    wad manager
    Dop-IOS mod-??????

    and in WADs
    I have
    IOS70-64-v6687 [Patched][FreeTheBug].wad --???????- this is loaded does it have to stay on SD card?????

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    you can get rid of everything if you want or just keep wad manger to install vc games and wiiware games or any wads you may need later

    you can delete the wad as well

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    I would delete everything you listed except for the wad manager. You will likely need that at some point. Priiloader is installed on the system and you will not need it on the SD card anymore.


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