Hi there!

By accident I broke-off a resistor of a D2C drive during the soldering of a D2Pro modchip (9-wire modification). It's one of the two resistors on de PCB close to the D2C chip at where the two wires 'G' and 'H' from de D2Pro are soldered. The one broken-off is the one where the 'H' wire goes.

I think people here that modded drives with a D2Pro know what I mean. So does anyone know the value? Or can anyone do a quick measurement on their D2C drive?

The resistor still there is 46.6 kOhm. My guess is the broken-off is also, but I'm not sure.

It would be great if I could get a fast respone, cause I'm @ work now and we have almost all resistor sizes and values in our warehouse.

Thanx in advance people!