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Thread: New Wii needs update??? I thought that was bad

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    New Wii needs update??? I thought that was bad

    I just got a new Wii over the weekend, and started getting it setup. I saw that it's running 4.2u

    I tried going to the internet channel, and it's telling me that I need some system update in order to do that. Everything I've been reading on here says NOT to do system updates online. What do I do now?

    I haven't done any soft-mods yet, though I am planning to. I wanted to get everything setup and working right before doing all the extra fun stuff.

    Thanks for any tips.


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    Since you already have 4.2U then there is no update past that... what it wants to do is update the channel that you are trying to use... You can do things two ways

    1. Update the channel through Nintendo Update since you do not have any softmods installed.
    2. Dont update and softmod and then you can get the hacked internet channel and install it.

    If you have not modded it yet then i would just update through nintendo.. and then mod the wii.. but after you mod the wii dont do anymore updates through nintendo...

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