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Thread: Aww Maaaan, I Broke My Wii!!!

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    Exclamation Aww Maaaan, I Broke My Wii!!!

    I tried soldering my wii chip into my wii disc drive and all that jazz thing, i put it together completely, but it won't start up, what happened?? can i fix it without having to send it back to the nintendo store. I don't want to risk being caught!

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    Which mod chip is it? did you test it before putting it together?

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    We got replacement d2b boards with the modchip presoldered for you to replace your messed up one. I doubt you can get your wii warrantied because they will see the messed up board.

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    yeah... i don't have the money for that so can you think of any way i can get it to start up agian???

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    I'm using a Wii Key

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    Wow, sorry for your lost i don't no i that is fixable!
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    pics needed
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    dammit... i don't have any pics and i sure don't wanna try messing it up even further by taking it apart agian... but all the solder parts are in place, is it maybe i soldered too long or sumthin???

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    scrape up some money and take it to a local modder to fix. You can't solve your problem on the forums without any pics.


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