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Thread: WBFS Cover Code Edit

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    WBFS Cover Code Edit

    If this has been asked before can someone direct me to the right thread. I used the search but found nothing. I am wondering if the cover code can be edited in WBFS. I get an error saying backup already exists and won't let me transfer the game. It is a different game but I noticed it has the same cover code. I also have a couple of backups that have the wrong cover code and I would like to edit them as well.

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    i was just poking around my computer and i noticed that the covers for WBFS are in my documents and you can go in there and change the names of the images to match the correct game... i dont know if this will entirely fix the problem but it is a start...

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    It is the actual cover code on the game that is wrong. An example would be that Guitar Hero 3 has the same cover code as Guitar Hero: Classic Edition. Two different games with the same code on the WBFS drive. It won't let me put both on the drive because it thinks it's the same game when it's not. What I would like to do is change one of them so I can put both on the drive.


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