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Thread: Wii trying to boot from USB HDD

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    Wii trying to boot from USB HDD

    Hi Everyone,

    I successfully modded my Wii about 2 weeks ago now. Everything was working fine until last night. My wife was play Dr. Mario and she tried to go back to the System Menu, and the Wii went to a black screen.

    Thankfully I have PriiLoader loaded, therefore I was able to get the Wii back up and running. But the issue now, is that if I turn off the Wii and plug in the USB HDD into the bottom USB port, the Wii stays on a black screen. The Wii flashes once and that's it. If I turn off the Wii unplug the HD, it loads no problem.

    The USB HDD has been hook up for about a week and half, and I've had no problems loading games from the drive from the USB Loader GX.

    Does anyone know why it's trying to "boot" from the USB HD?


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    Thought it was supposed to be plugged into the top usb port.


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