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Thread: usb loader error - says installed but no

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    Cool usb loader error - says installed but no

    I have softmodded my wii from 3.3e to 4.1 and have loaded the usb loader GX. the problem is that when I go to install a game (new or backup) on my WD 250gb HDD, it is very fast, claims it is installed, but when you go to play it of the HDD, the dvd disk drive goes blue and the wii locks. This is the third wii I have modded using dogeggs tutorial, and all the others never had a problem.....any guys are the guru's


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    well the obvious solution is to delete usbloader gx from sd card (all files it has) and palce them there again. also i think the HDD now contains the corrupted data of the games you tried to install, so connect them to the pc and erase them with wbfs manager. last, dont load the games from the wii, load them through the wii, at least the backups if your drive cannot read wii discs

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    thanks messie..I will give it a go...could you suggest a good version of USB loader GX...there seems to be a lot of different forwarder.different releases????

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    well i would always prefer the forwarder. it is one for all, no need to update. and for the latest usb loader go to Changes - usbloader-gui - Project Hosting on Google Code


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