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Thread: new to the wii hacks, suggestions,

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    new to the wii hacks, suggestions,

    ok guys, well i have been doing alot of research on the wii hacks and mods, i do have all the appropriote files to do most of the mods, but if someone could just make some suggestions before i go ahead and start the hack,
    as i have read there are many hacks you can perform, like being able to play games from a sd card, burned disc, and even flash drives and usb hard drives, which do you guys prefer more, yes the hard drive option would be great becasue i could just put all my games on that and off i go, i have over 250 gb of wii games now on my computer, the files i do have for the mods are as follows, sd-usb loader v1.5 , wii soft mod up to 4.2 and extras, wii homebrew full tutorial, cios 60, cios38 rev14, wii pack usb loader, these are just some files i have downloaded while doing research, in case if needed,
    so what i would like to do for now is to get into the option of playing games i download, i dont have an external usb hard drive right now, but i could easily go get one, if it is easier to install a program to just play the game from sd card then i could start with that,--- the wii i have has version 4.2 on it, so any suggestions would be great, cause i would hate to go do something i shouldnt and brick it, and yes b4 u guys go say um read posts , do searches, and what not, i have done that, for many hours, my eyes and brain hurt lol, so im more just looking for advice from experienced hackers out there,, thanks in advance

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    You just have to follow the softmod guide, then the various apps will work and you can use whatever you want to play games.


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