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Thread: usb loader flash vs. hdd

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    Question usb loader flash vs. hdd

    hello all!

    my problem is that ive been using an 8gig flash drive and usbloader gx to load my backups with problem. now i am trying to use a WD80gig in a hd enclosure and when i try to load it says "waiting for your slow hd to load" then times out and returns to the home screen. ive searched but they all seem to be a diff prob then whats going on with mine since it worked with one and not the other. i checked the compatibility site and the western digital is listed as working.... please help im tired of deleting and re-loading to play my diff backups. thank you!

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    is the usb cable for the hdd a twin cable?. if so make sure the data usb plug is in the port closest to the edge and the other port will do for the extra power.

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    also i believe in the compatibility list it comes down to the enclosure as well... not just the hdd as the hdd could be fine and dandy but the enclosure could be causing all your problems... just something to check out

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    thanks everyone for looking and commenting!!!! problem solved! the rocketfish enclosure was the problem. swapped out for the antec veris mx-1 with a maxtor 500gb hdd format with WBFS loaded games and ubsloader gx worked perfect! thanks again! this is a great informational site!!!!!

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