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Thread: .wad questions. NES vc black screen, but sound?

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    .wad questions. NES vc black screen, but sound?

    First off, let me apologize if i put this into the wrong part of the forum

    OK. So i followed Dogeggs softmodding guide to get my 3.2U Wii to 4.1U. Now, I'm having some problems getting my .wad files for VC games to work. They install just fine using WAD Manager 1.4 and they appear as a channel in the main menu but after I press start I get nothing but a black screen.

    I checked some threads here and was told it has something to do with region issues so I got freethewads to change the region code on some of my files. They installed properly (no error -2011) but still had the same problem. I Got a few more wads and they also had a black screen, but the music was playing and the screen would pop up in color whenever i pressed the home button. Do i just have a huge list of corrupt wads or is it something else? I installed "Final Fantasy IV: The After Years" a while back and it works great. Any help would be appreciated!! Also, if it is the wads, would anyone happen to know a trusted site to get wad files from? I'm not too concerned about the region since i can just use freethewads again to play em.

    Also incase anyone needs to know this (since this was a common post in some of the forums) i did install these files already:


    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    I've got the exact same problem with all of my SNES WADs. any help would be great, or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place too. I'm gonna keep searching the forums cause I'm sure this has been adressed extensively somewhere.

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