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    WBFS Manager

    I am not to sure if i am doing this wong, but when i put a iso image onto the HDD drive it is not the actual size of the iso. for instanc ei put on marval alliance 2 and the iso is 4.3 gig but when put on drive using wbfs manager it only says it is 2.2 gig. Is this correct?

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    This is normal. WBFS Manager strips off all the junk from an iso before installing it onto HDD. All though the game iso is 4.37 GB, only 2.2 GB would be actual game data.

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    Search this forum for scrubbed and padded, you will get a full explanation as it has been gone over many times.

    And yes, you are doing it perfectly and it is normal.
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    now that is pretty cool


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