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Thread: question about drive version

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    question about drive version

    ya i seem to have some new version of wii my serial is LU7329XXXXXX

    I would really like to know what type of drive i have inside my wii And i updated my wii before i knew anything about hacking the wii =(. so it is 4.2u atm. I am hoping i can softemod it easily

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    All Wiis can be softmodded, but those Wiis with the D3-2 chip installed, cannot read backup discs. Common workarounds are to use an external USB HDD, buy the WODE or USB modchip, or to replace the Wii drive's circuit board with one using the older chipset.

    You can get an idea of the drive chip by going HERE and entering your Wii information.

    If your Wii was originally 4.2, it is almost certain that the Wii has the D3-2 chip installed.

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    i am between the LU7306 and LU7341. So I might just have a d3 drive. Although i really dont care loading off a usb drive is better anyways faster load times and less clutter with cd's.


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