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Thread: What have I done to my Wii?

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    What have I done to my Wii?


    I just installed a wasabi on my dc2 pal console. The first game I played was a "No More Heroes" NTSC backup, worked fine from the disc channel.

    After that I played PAL versions of Topspin 3 and Mariokart, one of which had an update on the disc which I went for, as it was PAL, but the update wouldn't complete and I had to pull the power.

    After playing mariokart, the wii will not start up with the No More Heroes disc in the drive, I get "system files are corrupted", and if I try to use it through disc channel after booting, I get "an error has occurred" message. I can only play it through gecko freeloader now, which is not right as the wasabi should allow me to boot with any region disc in the drive.

    I've done an online update and the behaviour is still the same.

    I've read a lot of threads about bricking and semi-bricking, but the syptoms seem different to what I'm getting.

    Any ideas what's happened, and how it can be fixed?

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    If you updated the Wii to 3.3E then you will not be able to play Trucha signed games directly. You will need to use Gecko OS to load the games.

    You may want to check out the following thread ->
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