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Thread: Uninstalling Wads?

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    Uninstalling Wads?

    Hi all, sometime ago I installed a couple of wiiware games and Neogamma among other things.

    What would be the best method to uninstall the wiiware and the Neogamma channel?

    I ask this because I've read in many posts that some people advise to do it from the data management section, others advise to uninstall them with Wad manager and some other say with anytitle deleter.

    I wanted to uninstall Neogamma with wad manager and it told something like the ticket(s) wasn't(weren't) found and I still have it.

    Also from what I've read in other posts Anytitle deleter seems to do a better job at uninstalling things (Is this true?) but since all I see is a bunch of numbers there I decided to leave everything untouched there.

    Thanks for your advices!

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    anytitle deleter does a better job uninstalling but be carefull not to delete the important stuff. Wad manager uninstall works well too. Maybe u have the wrong wad for neogamma and it wont uninstal. All 3 methods will uninstall it so to me it does not matter.

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    The reason that Wad Manger said the ticket weren't found because there no wad file file in it. To uninstall wads with Wad Manager you need exact same wad title as your wiiware game.
    The best things to uninstall is to use Anytitle deleters because it both delete the title and the save, but BE CAREFUL because it you deleted ios, it could BRICK your wii. Use AnyTitleDeleterMOD by Red Squirrel, it show the title.
    Sorry for this long advice.

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    Thanks, I have the exact same wad I used to install Neogamma, I got it from a Dogeggs guide here at wiihacks. As a matter of fact I never deleted the wad from the SD card.

    But I guess it would be okay if I uninstall Neogamma from the data management then.

    Thank you guys

    As I read more and more I think it's not a good idea to delete the wiiware and in my case the Neogamma channel from the Data Management. I will delete the wiiware with the wads but since the neogamma wad keeps telling me it doesn't find the tickets I will use Anytitle Deleter for that one.

    Since I have never used Anytitle deleter, I should go to Installed channels and select the Neogamma entry and delete it and that's it? or do I have to delete something else in anytitle deleter?

    Also I transferred one of the two wiiware games to the SD card and was able to play it from there (I initially thought that was not possible). Should I try to uninstall the wad even though I transferred it (not copied) to the SD card?

    Thanks again
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