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Thread: Wii game best burning program ?

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    Ca Wii game best burning program ?

    First day rookie , looking for a easy burning programme to copy wii dvds. ??

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    For best results, look for guides on burning in the tutorial sections.

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    Very kind , lots of thx !

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    You do realize that there are only about 4 dvd drives out there that can copy wii games directly, right? Most people rip them to usb nowadays. Then you can put them on the pc as ISO files and burn them w/ IMGburn or some other program.

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    Well, he said burning, so i was hoping he meant, burning, like downloads or whatever.

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    If that's the case, IMGburn rocks my socks.

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    I use Ashampoo, its free to download and very easy to use. User Verbatium -R Discs and burn at 4x for Speed you should be just fine.




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