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Thread: DVD Read Error 324

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    Us DVD Read Error 324

    First, a briefing on my set-up. I am using a version 3.1 Wii, soft-modded via Twilight Hack. The Homebrew Channel screen shows I am using IOS249. I use Wiigator to attempt to read my Verbatim DVD-R backup games.

    Lately, when I try to play burned games, it returns the "DVD Read Error 324" upon using Wiigator. Store-bought games, such as "Wii Sports Resort," play without problems; therefore, the DVD laser seems intact and reads the DVDs. Additionally, I had successfully played around 10 games prior to this on burned DVDs without any issues. Therefore, the brand or style of blank DVD shouldn't be the issue here.

    I did try to upgrade to CIOS38_rev15, (that I was told would allow me to play the "New SMB" backup), but that is the only thing I changed since a burned backup game worked successfully.

    I am not very experienced in modding, so layman's terms would be best, if at all possible. Thanks for any assistance!
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    After a week there has been no response to my dilemma. I guess Nintendo got the best of the illustrious hack community! Either that, or the hackers are hacks.
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    Posting a message does not guarantee a response. Anyone looking at this post probably saw the problem right away but seeing as it was so simple they didn't want to insult you by stating the bleedingly obvious.

    Considering the way you come back a week later and whinge, whine and moan about a community which you have not supported or even become even a small part of I'm happy that no one helped you.

    And after all this you even posted in the wrong section.
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