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Thread: Neither computer nor wii will recognize my partitioned WD HDD!!

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    Unhappy Neither computer nor wii will recognize my partitioned WD HDD!!

    lordy lordy oh please somebody help me!!
    as of this mornin, my wii nor my computer any longer recognizes my western devices usb hard drive.. the light on the HD aint even turnin on...

    so here are the facts(if more infos required, PLEASE ask):
    -500 Gb partitioned (1/2 wbfs, 1/2 fat32)
    -only 3 games on it
    +mad world (NTSC)
    +metroid 3(PAL)[i think it had something to do with this one]
    +and crystal bearers(NTSC).
    -wii is 4.2u, usbloadergx has r899.dol boot file
    -done the trucha
    -have the cios38_rev17 thingy..
    -and the latest gecko thing you can get from HBBrowser as metroid corruption is PAL..

    alright... now for the meaty probable cause.....
    my friend is an idiot.. he was stayin at my house in the room with the wii.. i asked him not do mess with anything on the wii he wasnt sure of..
    he tried to play metroid.. when it didnt work for him in usbloader, he tried gecko (i guess because he saw me do it the night before)... and thats all i know.. either he didnt do anything else, OR (probably whats up) hes a lieing[sp?] ignorent filthy preventor of me playing the new games i just got "backups" for...

    the device was working FINE last night.. i think i played lame old dissapointing crystal bearers last night until like 3 am.. woke up this mornin ready to reap my digital torrent crops, and voilla... nothing on earth knows what the hell ive just plugged into it.. the light on the drive aint even blinking or on or anything..

    since i cant access the drive... im at a complete loss... ive never had to post in a forum asking for help before.. usually i can look arround the nets and figure it out... but i just dont know what to do this time..

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    If your hard drive doesn't light up and the pc doesn't even recognize it, it sounds pretty bad. Like the hard drive has failed. Try another cable, open the case and make sure it's still connected internally. I don't know what could've been done on the Wii end of things to trash the hard drive?

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    :'( *gulp* ill try right now...

    oh my god!! i cant believe it!! the new cable thing worked!!!
    i cant even begin to express how much i love you right now!!

    my god... it was all so simple... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...
    i was NOT expecting that AT ALL...

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    Glad it worked out for you!

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