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Thread: Install homebrew apps as channel on main menu?

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    Install homebrew apps as channel on main menu?

    I'm really new and my Wii was modded by a friend of mine. I play games off an external hard drive and use USBLoaderGX to load them up. Currently I have to go into Homebrew Channel, scroll down a few pages and then load USBLoaderGX. How do I create a shortcut or whatever to USBLoaderGX to the main menu? Thanks!

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    Look for usbloader gx forwarder. This will install a channel that is a shortcut to the program on your sd card.

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    OK, found that and downloaded it.

    Do I put this on my SD Card under /apps/USB Loader and name the file boot.dol?
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    No, it should be a .wad file. Put it in the wad or wads folder of your sd card, whichever it is, i cant remember right now.

    Install it with wad manager. After that's done, it should be a channel on your wii, which will load the program for you.

    Make sure you got the forwarder wad from a good source, installing bad wads can cause problems.

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    I got it from Forwarders (USB Loader GX) and it's a .dol file.

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    Here is the new official forwarder wad from the USB Loader GX team
    From that site

    In that rar you get 4 folders.

    Apps- The dol, the actual program to use on the sd card
    bootdol for preloader- ignore this
    config- ignore this too
    wad - <<<

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    OK, I got a similar problem....well the same problem... I put the wad file in the wad folder and the channel shows up BUT the channel just goes right back to the main menu again, not to the usb loader menu..... Any help?
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