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Thread: GBA emu wont work

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    GBA emu wont work

    Its really starting to anoy me i created a vba folder in my apps folder then a roms and save folder along with the boot.elf and the png. and meta.xml

    everytime i choose the vba button on homebrew it tells me there are no roms in the folder.

    Halp meh >_<

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    are they in: /VBA/ROMS/

    are they: .gba files

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    You don't create a VBA folder in the Apps folder. You create a VBA folder on the root of your SD card.

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    oh right, sorry i didnt know that gonna go try that out.

    :wow cant belive that worked thats jiiprah n jbloggs im actually very new to adding aps and stuff to my wii i only started 3days ago.


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