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Thread: madden 2010 pal

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    madden 2010 pal

    hi all i have got a back up copy of nfl madden 10 for my pal wii im currently hardmodded using a wasabi dx chip but when i load it up it asks for a wii system update is it safe to do this? none of my other games do this im currently on system version 4.1e please help thanks

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    Not dont update, google and download wiiur update remover, drag iso of game onto wiiur file and hit enter twice, will remove update request.

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    i will try it thankyou very much matey!!!

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    hi again ive pated the game using wiiur the wii now recognises the game but when u click on game to start the screen goes black?

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    Does anyone have any ideas???

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    Here's the thing.

    You have to make a choice which road you want to go down.

    It's either the hardmod route, which requires you to accept disc updates to keep your IOS versions up to date. Of course you have to avoid out of region disc updates but even a monkey knows to do that.

    Or the softmod route, which requires you to manually update your IOS as and when required, or run the updates with your fingers crossed each time and hope nothing goes wrong.

    Until 4.2+ appears on discs (not yet) then there's not a great deal of harm you can do. When 4.2 does appear, and you accept that update then you'll find your other region games will stop working.

    In this instance the game, Madden 2010, probably includes a 3.4 update so you'll not have any issue but you will get a new IOS perhaps.
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