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Thread: New Console? Need help on which modchip to buy?

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    Lightbulb New Console? Need help on which modchip to buy?

    Hi Guy's

    I need serious help and I don't know where to get it. I have been looking all over the web; I understand that I must use a ModChip to use homebrew on my wii. But I don't know how to find out which modchip I need to use?

    My wii console details are as follows:
    The Wii Serial number is LEH200926***.
    2006 Copy Right (EUR)
    I bought it in Malta on 2nd August 2008.
    My email address is:

    I emailed the company selling modchips and he replied "we have not any info about this new version and therefore open the wii and check the DVD-Driver IC (D2C2, D2E or xxx)"

    So I have found an easy opening the console guide at
    SLB: Nintendo Wii Tear Down Guide
    but how will I tell DVD-Driver IC (D2C2, D2E or xxx)?

    Any advice or article to read or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards Murphy

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    Murphy, your Wii will most likely be a D2C2, the new D2E have been seen in Japan, but I have not heard about any in USA or Europe. You should contact a couple of reputable modchip sellers like and which are both Canada based. I don't know if they ship to Europe, but even if they don't they have representatives in site and will also advise you.

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    If you want to play homebrew then you dont need a modchip. BTW i bought my wii on 29th February and i want to know what Drive i have. I also would like to know where i can get a pre soldered modchip like the wii clip or sumthin. Dont really know what the wii clip is but i think its something where you attach your modchip maybe? Also where can i get a screwdriver set for opening?

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    Hi Jbloggs,

    thanks for the reply. I have opened my wii console tonight. I had to take a drill to it :P it does not look so good any more, hehe. The problem I had was they only sell 3 star bits and not strew drivers. So I though I was going to widen the whole when I drilled the whole shaft out oh well it open.

    Reading the chips in the board I see one saying GC2-D2C so I was thinking of buying the D2CKey or the D2PRO9 with a wii key which would you advise?

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    Take a look at the following Guide. It will help you with some of your questions.

    As to which Modchip, that is going to be a decision only you can make based on a lot of reading in these forums. If you just recently purchased the will then it will either be D2C2 or D2E. The two most popular chips are the Wasabi2 and D2pro9v2/v3.

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    Id recommend the d2pro9. Its safest to go with the latest V3 D2PRO9 it fixes any bugs the d2c2 compliant one had with the d2c chipset and any of the earlier v3 d2pro9 had. Ask your seller if they have this version, only a few distributors have it right now. If you're local (though it sounds like youre not since your serial # is foreign) then canadamods has the newer type with the bugs fixed. It is to replace our d2c2 compliant presoldered clips.

    I don't know why but it has become a common trend for people to say wiikey instead of wiiclip What youre looking for is a d2pro9 with wiiclip
    Make sure you buy the wiiclip from an authorized reseller to avoid getting any fake ones in the market. You can use wii-clip for WIIKEY,D2CKEY,D2CPRO,ARGON,D2PRO, WASABI and DMS,D2A,D2B,D2C for wii console! to check that you get a genuine one.

    Send me a PM if you need any support

    $9.95 Flat Rate Shipping to Canada & USA
    Official Support for Canadamods. I am here to help.

    email: | website: | Phone: +1 416 728 0648

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    Hi Readers,
    I would like to recommend the people from GMODZ (Welcome to I bought my modchip from another supplier located in the UK and I have been asking for help but without any reply. Today I can across GMODZ’s MSN address and added them. Within 25 min’s the person on MSN had helped me solve all my problems with my Wasabi V3 wii-clip. I am extremely great full to GMODZ and will in future buy my friends mod chips from them. They helped me solve someone else’s problem which I could not solve from reading all the forums . The problem was in fact that the supplier of my wii modchip had made some assumptions about my wii and had configured it for another version. They provided no documentation and no help. Thanks to GMODZ (Welcome to I’m working fine and am now a loyal customer of theirs alone.
    Regards MurphyMt

    Contact them on:

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