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Thread: Works but doesn't work !!

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    Works but doesn't work !!


    My 4.2e Wii has a drivekey fitted and softmodded to get NSMB to work. The problem I've got after several months of running perfectly is it refuses to play discs or usb games.

    It's 50/50 if I can get into the drivekey config menu, or a disc shows in the disc channel. (Originals and Backups). Backups from USB just refuse to load. Disc give me the unknown error press eject error message.

    I'm fairly sure I've eliminated the chip as the problem as when not connected i get the same issues. The drive itslef appears to be working fine as it spins up and the laser is working.

    Any ideas ? My gut feeling is something is wrong with the wii itself and not the drive or chip.


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    One thing I have noticed if it will help is that when the disc channel is checking the disc, the disc seems to behave normally for a few seconds then just suddenly stop. Then I get the error message.


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