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Thread: Need USB HDD Advice

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    Need USB HDD Advice

    OK here is the deal, I Dug out a hard drive I had laying around, it is an SATA Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 750gb Model Number: ST3750640AS. I currently have an old Maxtor running games, so I Know how to do all the formatting & such. But here is what I did, I made 3 partitions on the drive,
    1st is formatted to WBFS usinf WBFS Manager 3.0., (475gb)
    2nd is a fat32 partition (32gb)
    & what was left over I made NTSC.

    Now I am using an SATA to USB Docking station, but none of the USB loader devices will read, have tried Neogamma, USB Loader GX & WiiFlow. All crash or freeze.

    My question is, what else can I try to do to see if this drive is compatible & is it possible the docking station is this issue & not the drive?

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    Yes, in fact, its more likely that the docking station is the problem. I think when using externals, and enclosures, its the the bridge that is either compatible or not. The bridge is the stuff between the harddrive and the usb.

    USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp

    I use the gbatemp list, because the wiihacks list has little information about enclosures.

    Actually, before you go buy another one. I think you should format the drive completely, and make the whole thing wbfs, and test it. Just to confirm if its working or if you had a problem formatting it.

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    im gonna pull my WD drive out being that it is smaller & give it a go with the docking station. From what I read & heard WD drives are more compatible & I am going to try whole thing as WBFS, I will report back once I get it all going

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    well it is definately the Docking Station, gonna stop shopping for another or maybe some kind of compatible sata to usb device.


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