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Thread: cant launch usb loader gx without sd card

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    cant launch usb loader gx without sd card


    so im fixing my brothers wii, and hes coming here in like an hour. i have done this before. i installed the full channel wad in wad manager. the channel shows, but when i try to access it without the sdcard inside, it gives me execption dsi occured and a bunch of error messages.

    neogamma works without sd card, so whats up?

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    Did you also put a dol file for usb loader in apps folder on usb card? You have installed a forwarder channel that launches the loader dol file in apps folder.

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    Are you sure you installed the whole channel instead of the forwarder?

    I thought reading somewhere that USB loader GX always needed a SD card to run the config files. Or you must change all SD card directories to USB fat32 or NTFS partition first with the SD card in the Wii. Then it maybe work without SD card.

    Or get a new SD card at your local shop.


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