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Thread: New User: What do I need?

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    New User: What do I need?

    Hey guys I am getting in the world of Wii Mod Chips so I can backup my store bought games but am a little confused on what I need.

    1.) One thing to get started is: What do I need? Do I need anything other than a single mod chip? What is the best one?

    2.) After I have a mod chip, is there software I need to download/install to the Wii?

    3.) How to back up my games: Are there special programs that are needed to backup my store bought Wii games? Is it the same way to back up the games for any Wii game?

    Any help would be appreciated. Answers of where to look or what to look for would help greatly not afraid to do my own research :-) I just don't know where to look so far.

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    Why install a chip when softmodding can be so much easier???


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    Is there any disadvantages of soft mod over a mod chip? i saw on some chips (like the wii key) that they are able to be disabled. is there any instances where this would need to be done if the Wii is connected to the net?

    also for the soft mod, is there anything it cant do that the mod chip can?

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    There is one modchip that can play gamecube backups from a harddrive, thats the only thing i can think of.

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    So if I go buy a brand new Wii, and soft mod it, i should be able to play any backed up game that I own?

    How do I identify the version? I see that there are guides for 3-4.1 and 4.2 guides.

    Thanks for the help so far!

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    Uh, probably not. Most new wii's have a new dvd drive that prevents using dvd backups. So you would have to use a usb loader.

    Dont worry about version, when you get the wii, you have to turn it on and go into the settings and see what it is.


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