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Thread: hack problems

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    Red face hack problems

    hello im new to the whole wii hacking thing and i got everything down its just when i run the ocarina app and boot the game it always tells me the codes arent found. im using the RMCPO1 text file for mario kart wii. i added all the place holders and it continues to tell me that the codes arent found. is there something im doing wrong?
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    Looks as if you have done something wrong with file.
    Easiest way to do this is to download these 2 apps, put them in your apps folder on sd card.
    Code downloader: Code Downloader - WiiBrew
    Cheat manager: CheatManager - WiiBrew

    Run cheat downloader through hbc, chose your egoin on first screen then find game you want cheats for. Click on them and download.

    After that run cheat manager from hbc click on game you just downloaded cheats for and to enable certain cheats hit + beside cheat. After you have chosen cheats you want hit 1.
    There is no need to muck about with folders, cheat manager does that all for you.

    Now launch games using Neogamma r7 and make sure ocarina option is turned on. As ocarina you are using is old and will not work with a lot of games.

    PM me if you need more help.


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    thanks for replying i found a tutorial that helped me. but do you know if i would still be able to run usb loader gx on my wii s

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    If your wii has internet, you can download and install cheats within usb loader gx, go into game settings. After you download and select them, turn ocarina on.


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