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Thread: Can I downgrade to 4.1E from 4.2E?

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    Can I downgrade to 4.1E from 4.2E?

    I've read multiple spots saying that downgrading shouldn't be done. Now my Wii came out of the box with 3.4E, and I updated it to the official 4.2E. Since then I realised that I can't play out of region backups with a mod chip, and if possible, would like to downgrade to 4.1E. Is it possible? What would need to be done?
    I can easily use Dop-IOS MOD to install the 4.1E System IOS and 4.1E System Menu, but am unsure if this is all it needs. Advice?

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    well don't do this. just install priiloader and install the regio free hack. that will do it

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    Unfortunately that isn't working for me. I've tried that, and also the same hacks using StartPatch. I'm actually using a Wode to load my games, and as soon as I apply the region free patch with Priiloader, none of my games load. I'll boot them through the Wode, and the system menu keeps animating but my cursor disappears and wiimote stops responding, and the game never loads.
    I can load them through GeckoOS, that works, but it'd be nice to find a way without having to use Gecko.

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    you must not apply startpatch and priiloader hacks at the same time, this creats the problems. but WODE is supposed to be region free

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    I didn't apply them at the same time, I tried them separately, and had the same result on each. Wode is only region free for FW 4.1 and lower, same as any other hardmod. It's the same principle.

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    ok one solution is to only dl in region gsmes... you could downgrade, but it is not recommended.... install ios60 patched and system menu 4.1 of your region, but again, only as a last resort


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