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Thread: Wii Problem with Wad Manager

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    Wii Problem with Wad Manager

    Hey Guys,

    I have a major problem, I am trying to get a frend back to a hacked wii, but he is trying to install Star fox 64 and he gets some error and we tried the trusich bug, It worked on another wad, and to no avail this fix has not worked,

    He is running on 4.2u, and we can not get this think
    the error number ret 1022 there may, could we be missing something,? we did the wii 4.2 hack guid 100% and even went over it 2 times,

    thanks guys if you get this going man this is making me go nuts

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    see the error index

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    I did and it says to install that hack I'm talking about, that makes no sence, at all as we have done it,


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