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Thread: How big should my FAT32 partition be?

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    How big should my FAT32 partition be?

    I know generally speaking I need WBFS for games, and FAT32 for loaders and such (Wiiflow in particular) and for the covers.

    What else is stored on the FAT32 partition and how big should it be?

    I have an 80GB hard drive and wasn't thinking of making the FAT32 partition too big because I only plan to have Wiiflow and the covers stored on it, but I'd hate to learn that I need the space for something else in the future and I didn't allocate it.


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    Roms for emulators if you want to do that. Triiforce. Movies. Uh, i cant think of anything else.

    All that stuff is optional, so i guess its up to you really. 80gb isnt alot to work with, so id leave as much room for your wii games as possible.

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    1-2 Gb are enough for everything unless you are really into all the above. You ll need 4-6 to store all the above i say....
    lets see...
    250 mb max for the nand emulation
    50 mb for each wiiware lets say 20x50
    32 mb for snes (max) lets say 20x32
    16 mb for gba lets say 20x16
    50 mb for N64 lets say 10x50
    400 mb for the rest
    500 mb free space for reserve
    and add whatever your needs are in movies and stuff
    Do the math i am bored...

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    On that size of drive, keep it to 10%, leaves you 70GB for games, which would be about 35 on average.

    Drives are dirt cheap, 250-300GB reconditioned drives (or used) on ebay are seriously cheap, imo bite the bullet and get one.
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