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Thread: Usb loader problem(reads but won't play)

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    Us Usb loader problem(reads but won't play)

    USB Loader reads my game from my usb flash drive but when I click on the virtual disc to play( and it show play count: 1) the loader reboots back to the wii menu....any help would be greatful

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    is this with only 1 game? there a a few that are tricky

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    I've only tried wii sports resort, but are my steps to play the game correct?

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    u need to make then file RZTE01.dol and put it on your sd card
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    yeah, thats one of the tricky ones to get working... i wouldnt bother with it tho unless you have the motion plus attachment for the wii remote. like bud said, you need the alt .dol on the root of sd card , change settings in loader to load the alt .dol and watch the motion plus video. after you watch the video entirely, your wii will restart and you can load the game as normal. that is as far as you will get if no motion plus. good luck

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    biigstyk>>how do I extract the dol file from the iso( which tool to use) and after I place the dol file onto my sd card, do I still run the game from my usb flash drive or does usbloadergx run it from my sd card

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    it has been a while since i did mine, i think i used imgburn to extract it. there is a thread on this site that explains it in detail, search the name of the game and it will pop up. good luck


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