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Thread: Bootmii and Wiiflow blackscreen

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    Bootmii and Wiiflow blackscreen

    I've used homebrew for a month without problem, and without hooking it up to the net. Before, System Menu was at 4.2J. Just now, I hooked up the wii to the wifi, System Menu is still at 4.2J, but launching my WiiFlow channel (wad) and trying to launch BootMii in Homebrew causes the blackscreen. Any idea what's wrong?

    I used softmodding with bannerbomb v2 and the last time I connected to the internet was about 2 weeks ago.

    If I'm being unclear, please do ask me to specify.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I don't think the two have anything to do with one another (internet and crashing), unless you accidentally Nintendo updated the Wii. Try reinstalling.

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    did you do an online update the last time you connected your wii to the net, or tested your connection? if you did , you will still be at 4.2, but you killed your home brew. if not, is your sd card in? i know that question sounds noob, but people do it all the time.
    reminder, bootmii will not load if the file is not on the sd card.

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    Thanks. Another question

    Thanks for the quick reply. Looks like there might have been an invisible update from Nintendo. Apparently my wii does not tell me that it's going to do an update. It automatically checks and updates when I connect.
    So, another question, if I reinstalled, what data would I lose? For example, would I lose my mii stuff or my records? If so, is there another way, like reverting the update.

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    you should not lose any game save data if that is your worry.

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    Would I be reinstalling the wii firmware or the homebrew stuff? I'm assuming it's homebrew because I don't see any install cd in the wii package, but I want to be sure.
    Another thing is, if I reinstalled homebrew, wouldn't the update still block it?

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    the update killed your home brew, and overwrite the ios your wii uses for homebrew ... there is a guide on this site for installing hbc on 4.2 systems. goodluck... next time tho, i would install preloader so that you can block those disc/ online updates.

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    Thanks for your help.

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    your welcome. but the answers are already posted on this site ... i just figured i wouldnt have another thread going forever with the search it answer.


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