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Thread: 4.2U - Why are disk Updates bad?

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    4.2U - Why are disk Updates bad?

    Why should I install priiloader to stop disk updates? how do lead to bricking???? I assume that disk updates are different from system updates?
    thanks in advance

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    disk updates are system updates. and they are dangerous to your wii becuase they will overwrite and kill your softmod. there is a F>A>Q> on this site that is very useful. try the search function near the top of the screen. good luck. remember, never update online or disk.

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    disk updates are for people who dont have online use its just another way for nintendo to fu*k up your modded wii DONT DO IT use priiloader to stop the updates

    also priiloader will bring your wii back from its death bed if you ever brick it

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    Priiloader and Wii fit +

    Someone else posted that 4.2U and priiloader = wii fit + no longer ran - is this true? Anyone else running wii fit + after loading priiloader? Can you verify if this is true or not? (before I install priiloader?)


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