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Thread: Ooops....bricked wii with black screen at startup

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    Unhappy Ooops....bricked wii with black screen at startup

    Hi Everyone,

    I have softmodded a few wii's with the help of the guides here. I have been reading and reading for days and have found some answers but would just like to verify what I have found.
    I started with a 3.4U. I followed step for step Dogeggs guide. I am very aware how important it is to install the patched ios60 before updating to 4.1. I updated to 4.1 and when done installing it went to black screen. i restarted the wii and it boots up to black screen. I installed bootmii as ios and did make a nand backup. I hadnt got to the priiloader install yet, so it is not installed. From what I've read I'm pretty much out of luck. Any help or suggestions?



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    at least you have a nand backup so your wii can be restored.
    Find some one close to you who can re-flash your nand using a nand flasher.
    I can do that for you but I think I am bit far away from you located.

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