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Thread: Messed up my wii cd drive!

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    Messed up my wii cd drive!

    hey i messed up my wii drives power connecter on the wii drive. I bent the pins and can not bend them back, they are all out of line and now it seems impossible to fix.

    I was trying to fit the d2pro9 with clip and was having eject issues even with the update. i think this was due to the drive loosing power rather then the chip itself. I therefore tried to fix the pins and have made it considerable worse, to the point where the drive is not getting any power, i have now deemed it unrepairable.

    luckily the site where I bought my chip from sell drives with chips soldered onto them fairly cheap and they have said that i can have a full refund on my original chip so I will buy one of these. i would in actual fact prefer this as it is soldered and in my eyes less temperamental.

    They have two for the same price which one should i go for?
    The Wii DVD Drive - D2Pro Installed or Wii DVD Drive - WiiKey Installed?


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    If they are the same price then go for the d2pro9 since it would be a better value.

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    Im just thinking willl the d2pro be reliable as i was previoulsly experiencing eject issues with the d2pro with clip? I can also get the Wasabi 3 for a few pounds more.

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    d2pros are very reliable
    the wiikey is a cheap alternative, and dosn't work as well, since there's no real stealth mode
    the wasabi has horrible support, so i'd go with the d2pro


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