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Thread: Music Organizing Tool?

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    Music Organizing Tool?

    I just got a new Ipod Nano for Christmas, and love it. However, I don't have an Itunes account and must "obtain" my music "elsewhere". Therefore, I just use Itunes to transfer the music, and most of my music says "unknown artist", "unknown album" etc and has no album picture. Is there a tool or piece of software that can do this, or do I have to rename everything by hand?
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    You need Music Tagging Software, there is loads out there, find ones that look up FreeDB (Music on line DBs), the one I have used for years is:

    Tag&Rename - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

    But there may be better ones that do the job these days, or even easier ones.

    mp3 tagging software - Google Search
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    I have an MP3 player and not an Ipod as I think they are not worth the money. That being said my wife does think they are worth the money and does own one. We both however use Songbird. Its an open source program with lots of add-ons. For example when a I play a song it displays lyrics to that song on the side of the program, the program searches the artists I have and tells me who is on tour and the program is totally customizable. There is an add-on for ipod compatibility and the wife has no issues when using this program. I have at one point owned a ipod and have used itunes and am glad I dont have to anymore.

    Give Songbird a try.

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    media monkey is ok
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    tag and rename is defiantly great for organizing and rename large amounts of music. i like media monkey for keeping track of them all. it doesnt bog even at extremely large collections

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