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Thread: Softmodded 4.2 wii for sale!!!

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    Softmodded 4.2 wii for sale!!!

    Hey guys, I have a softmodded 4.2 wii that I am looking to sell. I would like to sell all of my wii stuff together so this would be a great bundle to buy. I am willing to barter for another system such as an xbox 360 or a ps3. I know it might sound like a lopsided trade but just look at all the stuff this wii comes with before you move on. below is a list of the items and info on my wii. Also if you are really interested in this stuff please email me so we can talk terms or prices because I check my email more than this thread.

    My email is

    2gb sd card with homebrew channel apps for hacking (the homebrew channel does display upsidedown but still works fine.
    1x softmodded 4.2 wii serial num begins with LU57
    1x powercord
    1x sensor bar
    1x standard av cables
    1x HD componet cables
    1x charging stand with the batteries
    2x classic controllers
    2x DDR universal dance mats (they do work with DDR2 and DDR3)
    2x nunchucks
    2x wii remotes (sensor on one remote does not work right but buttons still work)
    80+ backup games all working (for specific games email and I will let you know
    plus about 8 bought games (all working)
    wiiware games excitebike, mario bros 2, earthworm jim
    neogamma backup loader

    remember please email me at address listed above if you are interested in buying, trading or have questions.

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    how much ?


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