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    Back-up Question

    Ok I have successfully mod my system, have made a back-up of a game, re-recorded the back-up to a DVD-R, and played the back-up from the info on this site. But this is where question comes and the whole reason why I mod my Wii in the first place. I have searched all over this sited and haven't found an answer totally yet.

    Anyway I am pretty sure I know the answer but I need to ask to be sure. I went down this back-up and mod stuff road so when my nephew wants to barrow a game again he'll take the back-up instead of the original disk (this also goes for my kids too). That way I know my investment will not be damaged while he has the disk. I was hoping that when he asks again I give him the back-up disk and an SD card to start the back-up game. Then when he is done the SD card and back-up is returned. I do know the system my nephew has is not had a mod done so I was wondering if there is there a way to put a program on an SD card that will allow the Back-up to run without having to mod the system? Thanks in advance for your help.


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    To answer your question... no. If you are trying to run a backup disc, the wii first needs to be able to read backup media. This can only be done by installing patched ios' and custom ios' which can only be done by using the homebrew channel to access those applications which install those ios'. The homebrew channel can only be installed by hacking the console. Still if you didnt want to use backup disc medi and instead wanted to use an external hard drive, you would still need to install a program that will recognize the hard drive thats plugged into the wii. Once again that program can only be installed using the homebrew channel.
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    That is what I was thinking was the case. So the best thing I could do is install the HBC and software like NeoGamma or something that would read the ISO file on my nephews system and have them use an external Harddrive or USB card to play the barrowed game? Hmmm..... after reading your answer again I guess his system will have to completely mod to even get the external HD or USB to be used is that correct?

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    If you do go through with this, make sure he knows the risks of having a softmod, and knows to never update his wii with online or disk updates.

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    I would have to talk to his parents because my nephew is only six.


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