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Thread: D2Ckey unable to play backup game after Update to 3.3U

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    D2Ckey unable to play backup game after Update to 3.3U

    Hi all,

    My wii unable to play any backup disc I bought from seller except the Wii Sports (Original) after update to 3.3U yesterday. Maybe this is the question has been brought up many times...but I just can't find which is the best solution for my case. Previously, all backup games are work fine in ver3.1. Can I downgrade my firmware back to 3.1? Or any suggestion? Please help!! Thanks in advance

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    u can downgrade but u need the hbc installed.
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    Sounds like all your backups are trucha signed so they don't work after the 3.3 update.

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    i have d2ckey and update 3.3 and all my backups work
    i only have older games though
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    install hbc, and geckoOs load your games through there from now on
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    What, are you saying that the updates now cause problems? Shit! Does this apply to all modchips? Wait, are we talking about Wii firmware or the modchip firmware?

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    You can also load your Games with WiiMu. It won't ask for the update.

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    Hello I have the same problem where newer games will not work on my d2c chipped wii that is up to date with firmware thanks to my diligent daughter. How can I get them to play ? Do i need to send the wii back for a later chip (d2pro)? Thanks in advance.

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    no wii backups after update

    I have the same problem with my d2pro 9wire with clip on F/W 1.7 off the utilitydisk.

    Doesn't play wii backups anymore after an upgrade to 3.3E
    Upgraded to 3.4E - no luck.

    It does play gamecube backups, though.

    Downgraded back to 3.2E, but still no luck.

    Could it be there's a problem with the D2pro ?

    I sent a mail to the supplier, but apparently he's on a long holiday

    Would be nice to hear from team D2Pro about this problem, perhaps with a firmwareupdate....

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    FWIW: Last week I install my d2pro/clip on my Wii (3.4e Firmware). I loaded the 1.7 utility disk which allowed me to check my current d2pro firmware which was HW2.5 and FW1.6 ... as my backups were play fine I didn't upgrade to d2pro FW1.7.

    My backups (Shaun White, Ben 10, Disney Think Fast [all RegionFrii + WiiBrickBlocker]) and originals (Wii Sports, Play, Fit) run fine and I have no HBrew installed at all.

    Hope this helps.
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