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Thread: usb loader gx - how return to loader menu?

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    usb loader gx - how return to loader menu?

    Hi folks,

    I just recently got my wii all hacked up, thanx to the awesome tutorials and info available on this forum. Many thanks for that!

    I'm now using the usb loader gx app for my games but i have a small question related to it. Whenever i exit a game (by pressing home and choosing wii menu), it returns me to the wii system menu. I've read various people say that there's always returns to the usb loader menu. Has the default functionality changed for this, or there some way for me to enable it to return to the loader menu? This is preferable as it's quicker to switch between games than waiting for system to start back up and entering hbc, etc.

    Thanx again for the help


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    This is something you need to do with priiloader. But im not really sure how, if you have priiloader installed, hold reset while you turn on the wii, and go into the settings.

    You should see options for How it boots, how it resets.

    Just try to look it up first so you know what you're doing.

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    I think those people are lying, lol. I am on the latest version and mine always returns to the wii menu. At least you don't have to hard reset the system anymore, like in the old revisions, lol. There might be a way to reengage the forwarder, but I don't know how. If you figure it out, let me know!

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    Thanks guys. I plan on installing priloader anyway so will see if that helps.


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