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Thread: New Super Mario Bro.s Wii Last Cutscene after bowser

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    New Super Mario Bro.s Wii Last Cutscene after bowser

    Hello. I just almost finished the game and i beat bowser. It goes to a cutscene where princess toad goes into a blump with mario and then says "there's a secret land i didn't tell you about" right after that it freezes, i been searching and couldn't find a fix to this problem. Anyone else experience the same problem or know how to fix it?

    I forgot to say, i'm using the latest version of usb loader gx, i'm on a 1tb wd hd. Also i followed dogeggs softmodding guide to softmod my wii. So it's 4.1u
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    you should try to use neogamma with cios rev17 and unpatched game or patched game

    it should be working works for me
    star land is fun

    or use cheat codes [ocarina] to unlock all worlds to bypass the message and unlock the world [WIN!]

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