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    Pls Help Me

    Hi, I just modded my wii and I wanted to burn a game to try out if the new chip i bought is working.
    But when I tried dling the game, for some reason it says that I don't have enough disc space, but I have plenty. I've used bitcomet, utorrent, azureus, and it's all the same. And when I tried downloading .rar files, I cant extract them because of no disc space and I was told that only NTFS system can support more than 4gb. But I'm no computer wiz and I dont know how to. Because of this, I went and ordered a 320 gb external hard drive. Is there a way to fix this? And is NTFS the only way to dl the games? Pls help, I'm new to this whole thing. Thanks!

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    Go to the drive that has the file in my computer.
    Right click on it and click format.
    Format it to NTFS and voila! u are done!
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    Thanks for the quick response.
    I guess I will have to wait til my new hard drive gets here x_X
    Another question, I know it's stupid, but I'm not good at computer stuff: If I changed it to NTFS, can I still change it back to FAT32/FAT? Cause I read somewhere that your only allowed to change it once and cant change back. Just wanted to confirm if its true or not.

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    well, why would u want to change it back to FAT/FAT32? NTFS has everything that fat/fat32 has and even more.
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    Yeah I know. But I just want to confirm what I read was true. Since I'm not a computer wiz :P
    And once my new hard drive gets here, I'm going change my old hard drive to NTFS.

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    if you're adding a new hard drive, you can format it NTFS rather than FAT32. Once in NTFS, you can't switch to FAT32 without re-formatting it. If you really want a FAT32 partition for some reason, you can always get a tool like partitionmagic to repartition your hard disk to get multiple paritions. Don't use FAT partition. That's the good old days of Win16 and Windows for Workgroups. It's wastes space. NTFS is the way to go for anything WinXp onwards. When you format, there is an option to change file cluster size. Leave the setting to the default(it'll be set to 4K cluster size). It works the best.


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