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Thread: bootmii as ios to bootmii as boot2

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    bootmii as ios to bootmii as boot2

    hi guys,

    Just did everything in the guide and everything is working fine. thnx for all the information people! But now i was just wondering, as i can't remember what way i installed bootmii:

    Is it possible to check if bootmii is installed as boot2?
    If installed as ios, can you change it to a boot2 install, because that would decrease the risk of bricking?

    And again thanks for everything! i love my new wii.

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    Uninstal the reinstall it if you can't remember and you can put it as boot2 to be sure.

    Make a nand backup straight away.

    It would have been better if you had done a backup prior to the mod as well as one after the mod.

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    Bootmii/boot2 shows up when you boot the wii. (need SD inserted) Bootmii/ios only starts when you want it to start, through the HBC.


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