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Thread: NSMB Wii and Ocarina Error 002

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    Ca NSMB Wii and Ocarina Error 002

    Hey. I'm getting an error when I load up my bought copy of NSMBWii with Ocarina. I've softmodded my Wii's system menu to 4.0U, and I'm working with probably an old version of Ocarina... Could someone link me to either the newest Ocarina if it fixes Error 002, or a way to load NSMBWii without connecting to the internet?

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    I didn't see an edit button, I meant to load the game with codes. Sorry for any inconvenience/misconceptions.

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    just get uloader and load your codes through that thats what i do

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    Well, I used Gecko, and it worked perfectly fine, except for a crash in 9-5 at the midway point. Now I'm looking for a way to load Megaman 10, same error.


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