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Thread: Modding solutions for Wii bought in July, 2008

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    Modding solutions for Wii bought in July, 2008

    Would anyone be able to help me out with confirming that I am getting the correct item(s)? I'd really appreciate the assistance.

    Please let me know if I must do something else to confirm what chip I have. I haven't opened my Wii yet. I am not certain if I have the D2C2 or the D2E. Therefore I don't know if I need to buy the D2PRO ver.2 or ver.3

    Here's the info I have:

    Purchased Wii July 10, 2008
    I'm from the US.
    Serial starts with LU5815...

    I think I may want to buy this item: - Official Distributor for WiiKey, D2CKey, D2Pro, D2PRO9, Wasabi, Wii-Clip etc..... - D2PRO9 rev 2.0 with WiiClip v4C Presoldered. - for D2C & D2C2 ~ New Improved Clip Design (Powered by CubeCart)

    Is this the correct item for me to buy? Are there any issues I should know about the possibility of having with these items? Any possible soldering? Eject issues? Wii catching on fire?

    Is it true that D2E's are only sold in Japan and therefore I do not need to worry about having that board or buying the D2PRO ver.3?
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    If you get a D2E compatible chip, it will also work if you have a d2c2 wii. D2E wiis are slowing showing up N. America and not just Japan.

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    go to this post, i hope it will help.
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    based on your serial LU5815 it may be a d2c2, so far only d2e Ive got is LU585, but Ive had LU586 and it is d2c with silver ribbon.

    I would recommend opting for the v3 D2E version, we got the newer ones in that are bug free as well. Thank you for messaging me to reconfirm and answer your question

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    If this helps, my serial is LU5835 (July 27th 2008) and according to Spyman, it's a D2C.
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