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Thread: how to delete and organize my wii channels..please help..

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    Question how to delete and organize my wii channels..please help..

    i have a 4.1 wii soft modded..i want to delete my "forcast,news and wii shop channel"but cant find a how to..also would like to organize my channels..any help please..

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    Turn Wii on, looking at channels.

    Bottom left is Wii button - click on it using Wiimote A button.

    Click on Data Management using Wiimote A button.

    Click on channels using Wiimote A button.

    Click on any channel you don't want using Wiimote A button.

    Click on erase (make sure you really want to erase) using Wiimote A button, confirm erase by clicking on yes using Wiimote A button.

    When finished, click on back button using Wiimote A button, 3 times gets you back to channels view.

    Point to any channel, click on B button and do not let go, then A button & do not let go, then move to where you want it, drop it on an empty space let go of both buttons, continue to do so until you are happy, you can move to next page if you hover over the arrows pointing to the next page as well, so you can move out of view any hardly used channels and only have the ones you want to use most often on page 1.


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    dont think you can delete news forecast or shop channel using that method.

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    yes it does not let me delete those channels..anyone got any ideas....

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    check out this program, just be careful

    AnyTitle Deleter - WiiBrew

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    how do you delete the news channel, forecast channel, and the news cha -

    But I never told you to do that, you do so of your own accord
    Please remember your manners - say Thank You if someone helped , it doesn't hurt

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    All I want to know is how to move the channels from one block to another, my kids have done it a few times now so it can't be too hard, but yet I still can't figure it out. lol


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    just put your cursor hand thing over the channel you want to move, and hold B and press and hold A, then drag the channel wherever.

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    Thanks I knew it was easy, just couldn't figure out how they where doing it.



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