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Thread: 2 disc gamecube games

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    2 disc gamecube games

    well I got my Wiii successfully soft modded, and wanted to know if I can play backup GC games on it. Turns out I can with the GC loader and it has been successful so far.

    Tales of Symphonia was going to be next on my list, but I remember reading something saying that if you take the disk out mid game it won't read anymore disks until the system resets, this of course is a problem because Symphonia has to boot with the first disk, so is this correct or was am I just getting worried about nothing?

    oh, and I found a really cheap 500GB external HDD and was thinking of getting it for the Wii, so if I play 2 disk GC games on there and the game askes me to insert the second disk can I boot it of the HDD or do 2 disk games have to Physical disks?

    sorry if this is in the wrong section I am kinda new here.

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    The main thing here is that those need to be played from disk, cannot be played off of usb/sd devices. I don't know if this will work for your current situation, but I will throw it out there anyway since it is cool. Download multigame iso creator so you can put as many as 3 or 4 games on 1 dvd-r and use neogamma if you want to launch.
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    Alright thanks, but when it asks for the second disk will it recognize it's on the 1 disk?

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    If you burn both discs of a 2 disc game to a multiISO disc, highlight the disc 2 and press the Z button. When you are prompted to switch disc simply eject the disc and reinsert it.

    EDIT - you will have to use the Game Cube backup launcher for this.
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