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Thread: question about hermes ios

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    question about hermes ios


    i dont have that ios and i heard it is for USB only but some people told me that i need it to run games from disc beside cIOS249 ,i have rev 17 but i have problem that SSBB give me error messages in the following situations:

    1-after the bomb explosion at the beginning of SSE
    2-some events
    3-in middle of classic mode

    the how to play movie is working and all the other movies

    do i need hermes ios or something happened to my Disc(i didnt try to play SSE on it because i had rev14)

    this disc was my cousin's and he finished SSE on it(hardmodded Wii) before giving it to me.maybe something happened after he gave it to me because he finished SSE only one time after buying the Disc(backup of course)

    thanks in advance

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    If rev17 still has that bug or whatever that breaks dual layer support then i guess hermes should do the trick, theres no harm in installing it and trying it out

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    i can use it with neogamma right

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    i can use it with neogamma right
    I never use neogamma but i have gotten SSBB to work with hermes v4 on IOS 222 using WiiFlow 1.1 and USB Loader GX rev866. I'm on cIOS38 rev17 also.

    I first ripped SSBB to my harddrive with USB Loader and i couldn't get it to work. Then i ripped the same SSBB disc using WiiFlow, and it worked on 222-->both attempts i was using the same version of Hermes. I always rip games with WiiFlow now, though USB Loader does have a 1:1 copy option, but i haven't tried it. If neogamma doesn't work, try a different loader.

    SSBB working on:
    cIOS38 rev17
    Hermes v4 222, using IOS38
    Ripped game onto HDD using WiiFlow

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    if a game freezes mid game then it should be adisc problem...


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